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Business activity

★Vacuum heat treatment of various metal or special metal , Single plate rolling , Standard length cutting ,
Polishing processings.
★ Make-to-order , Common metallic substance , Raw material sale.

Although most is a make to order , since our products are also doing sale , please feel free to contact us.

Vacuum heat treatment

We carry out press temper processing for alloy foil , such as beryllium copper foil , nickel , and titanium and are mainly making characteristics such as a flat shape and an age hardening.

The 2-High Mill is performing rolling processing of a small-quantity various kind regardless of steel and a non-ferrous metal from soft metal , such as indium and tin.

We are performing lapping process and mirror process using the rotation polishing by a wet type.

 ○Our company is accumulating the know-how of original metallic foil processing , and the vacuum-heat treatment technology especially in the metallic foil field. We are supplying the outstanding product which does not allow a tracking of the other company to society.

  Many metallic foil processed at our company is used as parts such as flat TV , a notebook PC and a mobile phone.

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